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Melanie (Ollenberg) Bessa

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Melanie (Ollenberg) Bessa

Welcome to Inner Arts Hive

Thriving, together.

About Us

The Inner Arts Collective is a community of individuals dedicated to helping people thrive. This is made possible by a constant vigilance to self-care, personal development, and collaboration. Together, we create a healing hub for the new millennium, bringing health, positive energy, and personal development opportunities to each other, our communities and the planet.

The Inner Arts Hive has been created by our Members in response to COVID-19, to save our bricks and mortar location in Toronto while supporting our community with holistic resources for personal development and collective development.

Why You Should Join Us

"Coworking" is a MOVEMENT that puts the power of economy in the hands of the people. It is designed for independent professionals and teams, who share the values of coworking (namely, community, sustainability, openness, accessibility, and collaboration), and who are interested in the synergy that can happen when working alongside like-minds. It represents a fundamentally new way of thinking about how we work and share with one another, combining collaborative economy and resource sharing principles with community development principles.

Essentially, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, coworking represents a way forward. Nimble organizations who are able to be responsive to their communities and the changes required, while continuing to nurture a shared purpose and connection (regardless of seeming separation) - these are the businesses which will survive. 

As structures shake or fall away, an opening emerges to create something new. Collectively, we have an unparalleled opportunity to create a way of working that is based on the values of community, sustainability, openness, accessibility, and collaboration. We are creating the future, as we would have it. (Melanie-Dawn Bessa, Founder)

Since opening in 2014, the Inner Arts Collective has helped hundreds and hundreds of people. While our rent is expensive, our hub in Toronto has become an incredible oasis for people to learn, heal, and improve themselves. We love our space, and while Members are unable to practice face-to-face, we run the risk of losing it. As Members, we know we can't get through this alone. Together with our community of peers, clients, allies, and supporters, we can save our space and witness our belief in collaborative economy ensure that we are still standing when this storm has passed. In fact, we will be stronger than ever because we are all learning, together. 

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